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Sacrament of Reconciliation


Episcopalians are realistic about human nature. We know we are imperfect and that we can profit from practicing regular self-examination. Part of looking honestly at ourselves involves coming face-to-face with our sins, our failure to love as we should and could. What do we do with this unhappy reality? We carry it to the God who made us and loves us, knowing that God is even more eager than we are for us to put our sins behind us and grow in the art of loving.

We may choose to do this privately. God is ever-willing to hear and forgive. But many of us find that having another person hear our sins and affirm God’s forgiveness is helpful. It helps to make our repentance – and God’s forgiveness – tangible and available to be celebrated.

In the Episcopal Church, the job of hearing our confessions and proclaiming God’s forgiveness is assigned to priests. They are trained for this and they are part of a long tradition of priestly confidentiality. The Dean will be happy to hear your confession or arrange for another priest to do so. Confessions are done in the Chapel of Holy Angels. Call the Church Office, 574-232-4837, for an appointment. The forms we use can found in The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) on page 447 and following.

We corporately make confession almost every Sunday as we celebrate the Eucharist together (BCP pg. 360). This is a poignant reminder that we gather as forgiven sinners, empowered to serve the world through God's gracious love.


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